Compact FMS

Compact FMS system designed by Boxy Autoloader Research Development department; With its design that goes beyond standard FMS systems and its flexible manufacturing capability, it provides the most efficient solution for different types of low quantity parts processing and offers the highest efficiency to our customers with the best prices.

The main purpose of Compact FMS systems is to make loading and unloading with low cost robot parts in automotive, aerospace, machinery manufacturing and medical sectors. New machines should be used with low quantities. The Compact FMS system stands out as the most effective system for loading and unloading these parts with Robot Automation.

Ordinary FMS systems; It carries out the part handling operation between the machines with the manual fixtures assembled to the original pallets of the machines.

This system is an expensive investment due to both the original original pallets and the special vehicle usage. In addition, all machines integrated in the system must be in the same pallet dimensions due to the use of special vehicles.

Compact FMS system developed by Boxy Autoloader; It carries out the operation of the standard workbench and fixing of fixtures instead of special tools with Adapter Plate and Standard 6 Axis Robot. The adapter plates are precisely connected to the Zero Clamp systems on the machines. Thanks to this method, both costs are significantly reduced and the flexibility and efficiency of the system increases.

One of the biggest advantages of Compact FMS systems is that the machines continue to work in the setup and quality control processes. After the first part is processed, the fixture is sent to the plate storage area and the new part is connected to the machine and the machines can continue to process the other part while the machines are waiting for the measurement results.