Boxy AutoLoader Model Type-2

Boxy Autoloader Type-3

Boxy Autoloader Type # 3 Robot Loading Unloading System; Boxy Autoloader Research Development Department designed by the robot for heavy and large size loading and unloading.

Boxy Autoloader Type-3 Robot Loading Discharging systems can perform loading and unloading operations of large and heavy workpieces with robots ranging from 35kg to 165kg. Boxy Autoloader engineer team specializing in; With the Boxy parts storage unit options, Boxy parts storage units can be used to increase the working time without any operator.

Boxy Autoloader Type-3 Robot Loading Unloading system is used as a standard 35kg robot, depending on the weight of parts 50 – 75 – 100 and 165kg options as an option. 800X600mm and 1000X800mm are offered to our customers with options. The standard 7. Axis provides the most successful performance in multiple machine applications.

 Thanks to the linear bench arrangement, one of your machines allows the other machine to unload with the robot in the case of maintenance or adjustment. Capacity increase in the process with the modular structure; Boxy Autoloader system can be met by the method of adapting new machines to the system very quickly. This method is especially appreciated by the Automotive Sector; Boxy Autoloader Type # 3 Robot Loading With the unloading system, projects with long term and changed capacity can be responded to in the most efficient way.

Many systems in the day of loading and unloading these machines to the counter, or in the order of L in this case. cause.

The Softboxy software system that comes with the Boxy Autoloader Type # 3 system is designed for the most simple and effective operation of all complicated loading and unloading operations.

The Plug and Play infrastructure enables the installation of the system in a short time and integration of the components, allowing your business to use the system efficiently and efficiently after reaching the system.