Boxy AutoLoader Model Type-1

Boxy Otomatik Type-1

Boxy Autoloader Type # 1; It was designed by CNC Advanced Technology R & D Department for the loading and unloading of the parts with short processing times. Boxy Autoloader Type # 1 unit, which has a compact structure as a design, consists of 5 drawer systems which will carry the loading and unloading parts with the 7kg Robot. Sofboxy software, which comes with the system, provides user-friendly interface and matrix type part identification method and provides serious convenience and time advantage to our customers. Boxy Autoloader Type # 1 system is the Robot Automation loading and unloading system which is implemented as a single machine with application. Boxy Autoloader Type # 1; Taking into account the occupied area, both the operator-free operation and the less space it occupies in the factories are paying off in a very short period of time.

In terms of application, one of the most important points to take into account is the fact that Gripper weighs less than 7 kg. The system is suitable for operating single gripper and double gripper.
In cases where a single gripper is used, the system takes the finished part on the CNC machine to the location in the drawer and takes another part from the drawer and reloads it onto the CNC machine.
In cases where Double Gripper is used, the system takes the finished part on the CNC machine and installs the new part without leaving the machine or leaves the finished part to the location in the drawer after the operation change.

One of the biggest advantages of the system is that the positions on the drawers have been defined, so there is no need to redefine these points in the part changes.

Thanks to the many unique advantages offered by Softboxy software, the system can be used very easily, the parts are made quickly and safely, and the system can operate without any interruption. It can operate.

Boxy Autoloader Tpye The # 1 Compact Robot Automation System brings the highest efficiency to your factory with the most cost-effective in Robot loading and unloading applications for all manufacturers, regardless of the small size.